Corporate Teambuilding Program

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Belalang Adventure Team Building program invite you to explore from a fresh perspective, who you are and how you work together as a DREAM TEAM

* Getting Started

Introduction and Ice-breakers exercise help the participants to know each other better and start the learning process. Individual and team learning objectives are identified

Outdoors Activities:The activities and games are carefully sequenced based on the initial needs assessment. Each activity or initiative is about 20 to 40 minutes in duration including a debriefing facilitated by the trainer

Participation: Team members are asked to participate on the basis of equality. By dealing with each other in a non-hierarchical way old patterns can be transformed and each member gains leadership experience.

Action/Reflection: After each activity the trainer helps the group reflected on what just took place.  Helpful and non-helpful behaviors and attitudes are brought to awareness. In a non-judgmental manner the group discusses what worked or what did not work to further task accomplishment and group cohesion.

* Team Skill

Group discussions led by the facilitator provide the team members with valuable information, insights and feedback that can be used to build teamwork and leadership skills, mutual trust and confidence.

* Application

The team reviews the learning and insights gained from the training and how they will be applied.  Action plans are developed to tackle key challenges.

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