Corporate Teambuilding Program

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Belalang Adventure Team Building program invite you to explore from a fresh perspective, who you are and how you work together as a DREAM TEAM

* Getting Started

Introduction and Ice-breakers exercise help the participants to know each other better and start the learning process. Individual and team learning objectives are identified

Outdoors Activities:The activities and games are carefully sequenced based on the initial needs assessment. Each activity or initiative is about 20 to 40 minutes in duration including a debriefing facilitated by the trainer

Participation: Team members are asked to participate on the basis of equality. By dealing with each other in a non-hierarchical way old patterns can be transformed and each member gains leadership experience.

Action/Reflection: After each ac...

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Telematches are popularly a culmination of laughter and fun. The idea of the games is to create  camaraderie, team spirit and fun among the participants. To compensate for each participant’s  athletic ability, the games and competitive activities are based on fun and humour, not purely  on skill or speed. A sunny beach, grassy field or swimming pool will be transformed into an  Olympic-esque playground.

Each program can be tailored and designed according to specific requirements of each group. Group sizes can vary from 10 participants to over a 100. The package includes a wide range of competitive and athletic activities. Each package is scheduled to last from 2-3 hours and will include a minimum of 5 games...

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Paintball Sport Game

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Fancy an aggressive, fun but safe way of letting off steam and building team camaraderie? Why not try our new Paintball War Simulation Games, featuring the use of the latest paintball markers or guns and a big arena to battle in. Combatants will be divided into two teams with a common strategic goal. The teams will then battle it out, by mapping out tactics and using their marksman skills, to achieve the intended goal. Aside from being armed with the markers, the combatants will also be equipped with full face safety helmets and chest protectors. So, start picking your soldiers now and get ready to WARRRRRR!

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Kids Outbound

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A Place where kids can see, hear, touch, smell, even taste nature. A place where they can learn about themselves, their natural environment and their peers while participating in fun and educational outdoor activities.  There’s something for every age and every interest that will help your students grow by facing challenges, overcoming their fears and doing things they never imagined they would!

Belalang Adventure offers a wide selection of classes to reflect the goals and needs of your students.  In addition to natural sciences, language arts, social sciences and mathematics, we offer courses in personal development, teambuilding, leadership and adventure


  • Self Confident
  • Social life interaction and working together
  • Experiential learning to overcome the problem
  • Learn to have...
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Jungle Adventure

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The Jungle Adventure Program is a blend of camping, trekking activity, jungle survival program  as well as interactive and fun motivational games. All participants will achieve new  experiences, knowledge and a better understanding about nature, basic survival skills and self  reliance.

Belalang Adventure Field Team will lead you on treks at the rainforest area surrounding the  camping site. You will learn to appreciate the flora and fauna of the rainforest whilst you admire the views of the beautiful landscape. Along the way, you will be introduced to practical tropical jungle survival skills such as :

* How to move about safely in the jungle and the wilderness

* How to identify edible and poisonous plants

* How to obtain water from plants or other natural resources

* Cooking in flora...

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